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At Simply Words, we implement the best creative practices and beyond that, we give you a leading edge with your brand and other personalized occasions. Content, Designs, Event Management, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Strategy and Production are our primary concerns and we create and customize projects irrespective of their magnitude or budget. Simply Words offers creative and efficient services, high-level associations and novel ideas to help keep your brand a cut above the rest. We strongly believe that every event should reflect innovation and utmost creativity.
About Manali

Over the years, better known as a creative content consultant and writer, Manali has more than a decade of experience of delivering creative content, designs and innovative ideas to clients from across the globe. Along with content, she has been head of production for live concerts, classic events and identity campaigns in Pune. She believes that life is a series of lessons which we all call experiences and Simply Words is a platform of such beautiful and mastered experiences we’ve learnt as a team. Apart from Simply Words, with her brand Rubab Bespoke shes carved her space into the changing styles and fashion industry and has set out a benchmark as a capitalist with Jiva Zil (JZ Lake View Multi Resto Bar & Banquet) already marking the talk of the town as a brand. 

    • Vice President - Maharashtra Horse Owners Association (MHOA)
    • Owner - Rubab Bespoke India
    • Owner - Simply Words
    • Director - JZ Lake View Multi Cuisine Resto Bar & Banquet (JZ Hospitality)
    Her line of motivation:“A Queen is never afraid to fail.”
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